My name is Brianne.


I’m a girl who was made to express. I’ve been doing this through photography, art, design, drawing, writing, painting, music-ing, and making weird things since I was a child. I’m going to try to make this my playground so that I don’t have so many pieces of paper with ideas and drawings laying around my apartment. Hopefully it’s fun for you to look at because if I don’t create, I will lose my mind.

I pretty much want to do everything, like become an architect and build my own house and have a farm and see the world and live in a high rise and design clothes and write a book, all the while saving the world and coming up with answers to the greatest problems as crowds chant “BRI-ANNE! BRI-ANNE!”

We’ll see how this works out.

In real life, I live with my excellent husband and tiny grey dog in a little apartment. I’m a Communications Producer for the coolest non-profit, 1MISSION. I love to be outside. I also love to be inside. Are you still reading? Why? Don’t you have a job or something?


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